Buying or selling original collection used clothing and textiles we can help to fulfill your exact needs.

Are you seeking to purchase credentials for export from the Canada?

From warehouse to port, to your door, huge experience of our family business assures your profitability. Knowledge of international markets, listening and appreciating customer feedback plus always learning more about you the buyer, creates a long lasting relationship and repeat business.

Our Features

Choose from a wide range of Options for your best matched clothings


Used Bags And Shoes

Top quality used bags and shoes are ready to be sorted and graded by our experience staff.


Compressed Bales Of Different Ranges

Sorted used clothing packed in compressed bales of 100Kgs, 80Kgs and 45Kgs


Ready To Be Shipped

All type of used clothing carefully sorted and graded by experienced workforce. Ready to be shipped.

Credential Used Clothing

Top Quality Used Credential Clothing

Our credential clothing is a specially selected fine quality product that is collected direct original drop bin and door to door donations within the United Sates. Untouched and packaged loose in large bags or in compressed bales for shipment.

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Institutional Used Clothing

Top Quality Used Institutional Clothing

Our mixed institutional rags consist of post retail and charity store donated gently used clothing compressed in large bales​ for shipment.

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Sorted Used Clothing

Top Quality Used Sorted Clothing

Used clothing carefully selected and graded from credential and institutional used clothes according to item or mixed as per customer and market requirements.

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